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A letter of thanks,

August 1, 2017


Today, on August 1, 2017, Project PLAY applied for dissolution, thus bringing to a conclusion the services of the organization. In its four years of operation, 221 children were sponsored to play organized sports and over 8,000 pieces of equipment were redistributed across New Hampshire and the globe. As founders, we are so grateful for the opportunity that we have had to work with so many talented and inspiring young people and for the generous support of their community.

Project PLAY’s services concluded on a high note this past Sunday when it held its final field day at Elmwood Gardens in Manchester and installed a "Sports Shack". It provided the housing community’s after-school program with sports gear and activities that will hopefully continue to be utilized by active youth in the years to come.

Although the efforts of Project PLAY have come to an end, we are determined to continue working alongside each other and fighting to improve the community through new and exciting ventures. We look forward to a new chapter in our work together as members of the Leadership Seminar Planning Committee for NH HOBY.

We would like to take a moment to thank all of the past staff members and volunteers, the greater Manchester community, and all of those who generously supported Project PLAY over the years. A special thank you is owed to NH HOBY and their amazing staff who provided us with not only a foundation to launch their efforts, but the continued support that enabled Project PLAY to grow.

We humbly ask that you remain committed to assisting your local sports leagues and to passing on your used equipment so that our mission can live on.

Thank you,

Kate Aiken and Luke Testa

Founders of Project PLAY NH

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